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Best Online Cab Services In Lahore, Pakistan

Although online cab services have become very popular in different areas of the world. Cab service have also been introduced in Pakistan. It was a difficult task to provide an efficient and well-organized transport system to every Pakistan. Now there are many local transport systems available in our country which resolves the transportation problem of millions of passengers daily.

 This article is all about the best online cab services in Lahore, Pakistan made their lives easier for many users by saving them costs and precious time. Let’s get started! Which one of the better fits for you?


Uber global brand was the 2nd online cab services that’s worked. In Pakistan since 2015. This USA-based company has heavily invested in Transport to make travel easy. It is being rated as one of the tops, quick

Prompt service providers. Uber online cab services have some features

  • 24/7 availability   
  • Interactive Mobile App 
  • Trained Drivers  
  • Multiple Vehicle Options

But the government of Punjab has announced to restrict its services in major cities

like Lahore, Islamabad, and others due to illegal licenses or route permits. However, their charges are relatively higher as compared to other cab services, and in peak hours, its chares increase to 4X. No wallet system and no physical office for complaints in Pakistan have major issues with these cab services.

Yet! Uber happens to be one of the most popular choices for everyone.


Careem is another very popular online cab services provider which operates from Dubai.

In 2015, the first time was introduced in Pakistan. Their services are available in the 16 major cities in Pakistan. In May 2019, first-time in UAE, Careem announced “cream bike,” which provides more facilities to its customers. It makes it easier for single person travel.

 It is cheaper as compared to uber cream updates its online application on the demand of customers introduces female online cab services that made the safe and sound travel to female customers. The process of reservation of cab through a mobile application is very easy & simple. The credit card option is also available for payment.

There are some features of cream online cab services 

  • Mobile App & Web Portal
  • Wallet System
  • Working Payment Options
  • Working Payment Options
  • Multiple Vehicle Options
  • Intercity Transportation 

Cream cab services were banned by the government of Pakistan in major Pakistan cities due to illegal activities which are conducted. By cream drivers. Poor Complaint System and increase of fares in peaks hours Have some cons/drawbacks of cream online cab services. 

 The Mover’s 

Despite these two major competitors, there is a list of other cab service providers in

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online cab service showing destination to passengers on smart phone.

Pakistan. The mover’s online cab service has recently launched in Pakistan. Pakistan 1st cab services most emerging project which cut all records of uber and cream near future  The major focus of “the movers” is to facilitate the young generation of Pakistan, especially the students, young professionals, and blue-collar employees that provide their services in a different department in any part of Pakistan.

The mover’s mobile app is easily available on Android and iOS, and you can download

the application and book your ride at any time as per your ease and comfort. Some major features make the mover unique from uber and careem..

  • Pakistan project 
  • Headquarters in Islamabad 
  • 24/7 online emergency support 
  • No peak hour 
  • No hidden charges 
  • Fix fares 
  • Online wallet system 
  • Inter and Intracity rid 
  • Well trained captions
  • Office in every city 
  • Frenches availability 
  • Northern area rids 

The mover’s online cab service provides the best facilities to its customer; more ever, it is a Pakistan-based first project which availability also in northern areas of Pakistan at very cheap rates. In this way, they ensure that both the customer and the captain feel comfortable during the trip. That is very important today, which is not offered in other similar online cab applications.


In-Driver is an international online cab service that operates in more than 39 countries. In-driver is also a more emerging app in the world because of new features which make it different from other online cab services. the main benefit is working commission-free during the first 6 months, which is a more attractive and more fascinating feature who wants to make money in a short time. 

“Take freedom into your own hands” is given the right to decide which cab you want to choices in your budget to is Costumers there is some other feature of In-drive online cab services

  • Offer your price
  • No restrictions with the types of vehicles
  • physical offices
  • file complaints system

 In-Driver has become popular over the days seeks security and a feeling of trust in every aspect that makes your trip more



Another online cab services in Lahore, Pakistan that overcome the  Competitor’s Problems. It provides more features to its clients who face problems during traveling. They offer a mobile app that is very easy to access for every user. All the information is available on your mobile screen, which shows nearby drivers in real-time. customers don’t have to scroll down and find their nearest drivers.

 There is some cab call mobile application features

  • Mobile App  
  • Trained Drivers
  • Economical Option
  • Multiple Vehicle Options
  • Booking via phone:
  • Wallet System


With the availability of these best online cab services providers, you can enjoy safe and sound, comfortable, reasonable, and luxurious traveling services from one city to another so that you would have a good experience by using these online cab services in Lahore, Pakistan. 

By the movers

“The Movers” Pakistan Based In City And Intracity Traveling Services. The Purpose Of “The Movers” Is To Facilitate Community On Both Ends As User And Captain.

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