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About Company

The Movers is a Purely Pakistan-based project aiming to provide integrated transportation services through an online platform.

The idea was generated in 2020 and the company was registered in August 2021.
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Why Become a Captain​

05% Commission

5% company commission on every ride that you complete from The Movers.


Child education (uniform, stationary, bag, etc.) Only minimum school fee is applicable.

Flexible hours

Flexible working hours, no restriction to maintain online status for 24/7.

Discount Card

Discount card for captains on which he can get up to 20% discounts on different brands.

Medical Facility

Free clinical checkup and laboratory test for The Movers Captains.

User Friendly

The Movers D app is very easy to use and understand for every captain.

How Captain App Works


Receive Offer Enter you pickup and drop-off loaction and select ride type that suits you.


Download The MoversD and register Confirm your phone number and tap the ‘Driver mode’ button in the side menu. Register as a driver


Start Trip Enter your pickup and drop-off location and select the ride type that suits you.


Collect Trip Fare Enter your pickup and drop-off location and select the ride type that suits you.

Download App, Start Drive, Earn Money!

Download The Movers D app from paly store, create your
account and register as Captain & start your drive

Our Customer's






"The best app on here it helped me alot When I needed to go somewhere"

"Excellent app. Its good to see app like that with good UX and nice and simple UI. And also its cheap fares. Thanks to The Movers."

"Excellent 👌 Great Best Pakistani service, executive traveling, nice app, and more than benefits for captains and customers by other services"

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